i’m still not sure how i went from being a total anti-bride (wanting to get married at city hall) to having a big weekend event– worthy of martha stewart weddings magazine… but i have to admit it was a blast! (after realizing that for my own wedding i could do it totally my way & not feel obligated to do the conventional things i wasn’t comfortable with). the magazine is so inspirational for stationery, crafts, tabletop design, flowers– beyond wedding planning. our wedding is in the spring issue that’s out now (and for the next few months).

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  1. Hi Lena,

    Just found your blog this morning, but I saw your MS spread yesterday and fell in love.

    I got married over a year ago and your photos made me want to do it all over again. We did everything “our” way as well, but I chose a palette of black and white. Can I have another wedding – in color???

    Luckily, I have a friend who’s getting married this summer so I can live vicariously through her. She’s making her bridesmaid skirts from vintage Marimekko fabric and pairing them with American Apparel T’s. I can’t wait!

  2. lucky for all of us you didn’t get married at city hall, because yours was the most fun wedding ever!

  3. wow! it looks amazing!!! (based on photo here and those on joy´s site. 🙂 we ended up having a big wedding too and then it turned out we signed the wrong paper work and had to get married “again” at city hall. i was glad to have both experiences.

  4. Lena I’m so happy to hear this news – I’m going to run out and purchase the issue ASAP! 🙂



  5. Oh, congratulations Lena…from what I have seen, it looks just divine!! I wish we had that magazine over here so I could see the whole spread….xx

  6. ohh excellent, i’m getting married soonish and cannot wait for inspiration from a discerning unconventional eye!

  7. Hello! Your site is amazing and your wedding photos look incredible! I also went my own wedding route (growing up NEVER wanting to get married) and last June we did it our way, getting married in a small indie art gallery space. My dress was made out of vintage drapes and I embroidered it myself, despite the fact that i had never embroidered anything before. Yay for fun weddings! I’m definitely picking up MS Weddings — something I’ve never done before!

  8. I love the plate with the brown-y daisies in the upper left! Is there a hallmark on it? Do you know the manufacturer or pattern? So cute!

  9. Oh boy, I’ve got to check it out!!! Lovely post! I’m on my way to the bookstore now, luckily I checked your blog first. 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Alli, the one with the three graphic daisies up there? I agree with you, totally cute! I’m a sucker for vintage dinnerware. The husband won’t let another plate or bowl into our apartment if I don’t plan a dinner party for two hundred soon, ; )

  11. thanks everyone~

    hi alli, that plate is back in california, otherwise i would check the bottom for you. we bought 120 plates (each about 25 cents) and i picked out ones to keep as my “wedding china” to bring back to new york… i ended up choosing about 40! i couldn’t help it! and i’m still sad about the ones i left behind.

    kickpleat, your wedding sounds great. it seems like more and more, people are having unique weddings, in their own style… i think that’s really cool.

  12. hello lena,
    i picked up the weddings magazine yesterday. i was so affected by your beautiful wedding, i couldn’t sleep! my mind was racing! we’re getting married next year and i *thank you* for the inspiration.

  13. hi lena, i can’t wait to pick up an issue! we got married last year and our wedding was featured in the MS Weddings winter 06 issue (1-page) too. this will bring more great things for you. thanks for your inspiration!

  14. Your wedding is my all time favorite I’ve ever seen in MS Weddings. I just kept exclaiming over each page. And it was even better when I realized it was *that* Lena Corwin when I connected the name with your site. Thanks for sharing it!