i took photos of the new manimal collection last week. the shoot was in a lovely apartment in clinton hill, brooklyn.

i’ll post more photos of the manimal products soon… but i thought i’d give a peek of the ‘behind the scenes’.
i got a pair of moccasins myself, and they’re incredibly comfy!

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  1. those moccasins look really cute. looking forward to seeing more of your pics. my old roomate willow took the photos for manimal's last lookbook.

  2. those new mocs are really great. i've been hoping to buy a pair of manimals for a while now. my last pair of mocs died while i was walking downtown, no fun at all.

  3. Hi Lena 🙂 I picked up your book at the library at my uni (RMIT Melbourne) and just loved it, I don't know if you mind me posting a couple of the images on my blog – let me know

  4. Love those pale colored moccassins in the photograph. Are they available anywhere online? I didn't see them on the manimal website.

  5. What an adorable face! What breed of pup do we have here?

    Love your stuff, you keep us inspired!

  6. i think the new mocs will be available soon. keep checking the manimal website!

  7. the sweet faced dog is the twin of my dog fiji who i had to say goodbye to a few years ago. it was nice to see a pup like her again. thank you for that.