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  1. the confetti is so beautiful. one of these days i'll make it to either nyc or sf for the new year celebrations.

  2. Thanks for posting these photos! Didn't realize it was the Chinese New Year, but I guess I was in the mindset anyway, having visited a Chinese antique store in Bellingham over the weekend, and having fallen asleep with Chinese lanterns on my mind!

  3. Stunning! Totally reminded me of an amazing short film I saw of ants carrying confetti after a Brazil street party (I think) by Rivane Neuenschwander.

  4. I was there yesterday, too, and I'd wished I had a camera. These are beautiful photos. Capture it perfectly.

  5. wow lena, you sure have a good eye! beautiful! and i was wondering what you were doing today. xo, patty

  6. Also wanted to say thank you so much for your inspiring book on textile printing. I've been making handstamped curtains for my sons and enjoying it very much! 🙂

  7. I really like your blogs because everything according to my expectations is availble here …… Thanks

  8. great pictures, I first saw these and then your pictures from the snow, works very nice together

  9. The photos are great … coloured glitter in front of sunbeams and blue sky! Seemed to be a perfect day in the NEW year! ; )