sigh…. the mociun fine jewelry collection is so beautiful! playing with all of it was so fun… like a treasure chest. i bought a pair of cube stud earrings (not pictured) and i’ve worn them every day for the last month. each piece is available for custom order, in solid 14k gold or silver. the three rings at the top would make an gorgeous wedding band set. these are just my favorites of the collection… there are many more.

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  1. They're lovely. Geometrics in little dainty forms turn suddenly very feminine. I must say, though, that the ring I most admired is actually your tiny, beaded wedding band! I'm looking for my own band, do you have a resource for that one?

    Thanks for the lovely blog!

  2. hi molly,
    that ring is just made of pearl wire. i got it at a shop in stockholm. the shop owner was a friend of a friend and she just gave it to me, but i don't think it would have been expensive.
    best wishes!

  3. i love all of these so much, especially the rings. i wish i had enough money to buy them!

  4. Where can we find them? I checked the site, but I couldn't find the fine jewelry. They are beautiful. I'm on the hunt for a wedding band. I currently only wear my thin white gold engagement band. It is a little lonely on my finger.

  5. wow these are so beautiful. wish there's a online shop for all these. (the ones you listed don't have them anymore…)

  6. I love your jewelry ! where did you get this fancy stuff? thanks for the review!