one last post about holiday presents!

in competition (with this) for being my favorite gift, are my new health bowls from my mom. we went to the heath outlet in sausalito when i was home and i picked out a set of five “imperfect” large cereal bowls. i love the colors and the textures so much. i’ve been using them for yogurt, cereal, soup, snacks… they seem to be the perfect size for almost everything.

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  1. I love mine, too. The redwood color looks pretty mixed in.
    Speaking of perfect size, the cafe au lait bowl in the Chez Panisse line Heath does is really wonderful, too!

  2. I got a couple of Heath bowls for Christmas from my mom too! I love them. I'm slowly working my way to a full set of the Coupe line in French Grey.

  3. I went there over break too, twice 🙂
    I'm slowly building a full collection of mismatched seconds, one piece at a time. I love how they all look so beautiful together, no matter what color.

  4. Oh I wish I lived near the Heath Outlet! I got some bowls and mugs for a wedding gift recently, and now just want more!

  5. I'm a big fan of Heath. We have a bowl that looks just like one of the "imperfect" bowls you've shown. Perhaps that specific bowl and color combination tends toward imperfect. It's "perfect" for us.

  6. lena, how much was each bowl? i live in sf and yet i've not managed to get over there. mostly the issue of not driving. though ferry isn't a bad idea either. just not in this crummy rainy storm weather. must save up! being poor and broke means i can't readily afford heath, even as imperfect seconds. sigh.

  7. I have those bowls, and I agree they are the perfect size for just about everything. I also have the dessert bowls from Heath, with those two sets of bowls I find that I almost don't need any other. And they are so beautiful.

  8. Does anybody know if you can buy Heath in London at all…… or is that a ridiculous thought…….

  9. Oh it's very very nice ! I'm a ceramist and this is exactly the kind of ceramics I love !

  10. or, ice cream, maybe?

    i went to visit my friend who moved to sausolito and was tickled he was right up the street from the facory!

    i brought home two decadent grey mugs that are our special matching his & hers mugs for me & my husband.

    can't wait to add to the collection!