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  1. Oh 🙂 I already write to Santa about this book and I believe, since I was nice this year :), that he'll bring me one. 🙂

  2. I already have this book and love it so much! Not only is it functional and useful, it's beautiful.

  3. I just brought your book to a recreational art therapy class I run. We carved rubber stamps and the ladies were loving the book. I think there are more of your projects coming to that class.

  4. I am from South Africa, living in Boston.
    I first found your book while I was still in SA.
    I absolutely love it!

  5. This book has been put on my Christmas wish list… about 6 months ago I bought a brayer, some lino & cutting equipment… but I haven't done anything with it because I don't know what kind of ink/paint to buy. Do you have any recommmendations?

  6. I'll definitely try those inks out. I bought rubber blocks… but I used lino blocks back when I was in school. The rubber seems more expensive, but it's probably a lot easier to cut. Thanks for the tips!