i LOVED our tie dye class, taught by shabd simon alexander.

there is something so satisfying about dyeing. it couldn’t be more different from the process of screen printing, but gives you the same thrill of creating patterned fabric.

the bottom two photos are my tie dyed pieces. i started out very conservative… making only muted colors, and then decided to go crazy with color.

thanks jen for making “tie dyed” cupcakes!

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  1. Oh how fun!
    Looks like a great class…brings back many great memories of when I was 17.
    Have a lovely evening.
    P.S I have a giveaway for an original watercolour by moi…go check it out and enter!

  2. thanks, lena! the class was so much fun. I really loved it! your leggings turned out great! can't wait to see how mine turn out in the wash tonight.

  3. jen, i was bad and couldn't wait 24 hours! i'm leaving my scarf until tomorrow though, letting it really sink in. let me know how yours turn out!

  4. so beautiful, the last time i did something like that was in summercamp and it turned out awful…maybe that`s why i never tried it again, but now i have to.

  5. I wish I could take all of your classes! shabd is the master of tie dye! Your pieces turned out beautifully!

  6. these are beautiful! i have been tie-dyeing with my son, and it is so much fun. pretty leggings are next on the list!

    these last two posts SO make me wish i lived near enough to take some of these classes. they look wonderful!

  7. beautiful to look at all of these! i have a big fabric dyeing day ahead of me today in my studio. glad i caught this post before i leave. (*wow tie dyed cupcakes.)

  8. this looks like a lot of fun! i love your pieces especially the crazy colourful one : )

  9. you inspired me!: sarahanneelek.blogspot.com and scroll down a bit. thanks for the inspiration/motivation. 🙂