i was more than happy to do a trade recently with one of my favorite designers, virginia johnson. i had a hard time choosing which shawl i wanted (i’ve had my eye on the camels forever), but i made the right choice with the shark pattern… i love it. when the shawl/scarf is worn the sharks aren’t really visible, so it’s not too much. it really makes me smile.

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  1. hi lady! just dropping by to say i just stumbled across your blog and love it. you've been added to the list. 🙂

    – lauren xoxo

  2. what a fabulous print, and the color goes so well with your outfit. i love my virginia johnson shawl, cannot travel without it!

  3. +++ lucky lucky lady +++ 🙂 And Lena, if you have never been, you need to go to the Rockefeller building on 5th ave…it is their headquarters I think [?] They have a HUUUUGE embroidered work of art of just tons and tons of stitches…if I remember correctly, it is about 8'x5'feet…anyways, truly inspiring 🙂

  4. Luck, luck, lucky duck!
    I'm not surprised that she would want to trade, because your work is amazing.

    They will write books about you one day, Ms. Corwin!

    I hadn't seen this print…so good.

    Just received the Mociun book that you put together,
    the beauty of your photographs really comes through in print. Great,inspiring book.

    PS. Can I just say, too, that I wish I could attend all of your fall workshops? Shabd, Cal P., and Jenny??!! Sometimes I curse living in L.A.

  5. great choice, love the print and the colour.

    and after a long time reading your posts in silence, i finaly have to say that i really love your work and your blog very very much.

    greetings from a german reader!

  6. I love your choice! And it is fun how the sharks become an inside secret when you wear it 🙂

    On a totally unrelated note, what kind of Nikon do you use? I'm hoping to save up enough to get a DSLR by the start of the new year and am leaning towards a Nikon.

  7. thanks for the comments, everyone!

    jennifer, you are so sweet. and i'm so glad you like the mociun book!

    i use a nikon d40. i love it!

  8. Not only are your products beautiful but your photographs are too. You have a great artistic eye

  9. ooh, i saw these at barney's co-op today in philly.
    no shark print or bulldog print yet though.
    i loooove the shark print! good choice!