… one more class for november!

Open Level

One 5-hour workshop
11am – 4pm
Saturday November 14th
$90 + supplies
vegetarian lunch included!

Cal Patch will be in town briefly and we’ve decided to switch up our usual sewing class schedule and instead offer an embroidery and applique workshop. Cal will teach all of her favorite embroidery stitches and applique techniques, which can be used to update, embellish and customize clothing, home items, and gifts. The class will begin by stitching a sampler of 12 classic embroidery stitches, then we will explore some applique techniques, and finally begin a project using your own fabric, or a finished item (tea towel, tote bag, clothing).

to sign up, email: info (at) lenacorwin.com

(the image above is from a vintage book called the stitches of creative embroidery, by jacqueline enthoven / reinhold)

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  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and just love it! Can you tell me what type of camera you are using? My crappy camera just died on me and are there any you could recommend to somebody looking to move to an SLR. Thanks!


  2. oh I would have loved to take that. Darn it. I have something that day. Maybe next time. sad.

  3. I love that sampler! I think I'll be getting out my embroidery threads this evening…

  4. I love this so much – it made me get out my embroidery threads and Ryan and I have been sitting under blankets for the last two days embroidering our socks off! 😉

    Nice way to pass some time…

    We shall blog our {slow progress} asap 😉

    Hope you're well Lena! Loving your polish chandeliers so very much… been a wee bit too swamped to comment, but loving all you've been up to as always!!

    xo abigail