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the books we debuted at the ny art book fair are now on the lines & shapes website.
i love these three books!

there’s volume 9 of our artists series. this is our japanese volume, featuring work by himaa, takashi iwasaki, tomo kohsaka, mistubako, izumi shiokawa, justin waldron and yuko yamamoto. each artist’s work is very different from the rest, but there is a subtle common thread of japanese aesthetic, something that maria and i have always been drawn to.

and there’s mociun fall 2009, journal of a collection. this book is filled with images of designer caitlin mociun‘s inspiration, prints, and process for creating her fall clothing and jewelry line. we are printing a special limited run of just 75 books, so don’t wait too long to purchase!

and lastly, there’s a small book of polaroids by steven harrington. maria and i are both big admirers of steven’s work… and we were so excited when steven first sent us his scanned polaroids. many of the polaroids are of steven’s paper sculptures. i love this little book.

we decided to extend our special book fair prices to the website for just two weeks. all books (except journal of a collection) are $20 until nov 1st. check them out here.

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  1. Just ordered the Mociun… I am so in love with looking at the photographs on the internet – I can not wait to own them in print 🙂

  2. christ, i'm obsessed with those mociun prints. i just want a huge poster of them for my wall (even though nasa could probably provide me with something similar).